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The new CIF WN summer 2018 posted on July 10th to all NBs and CPs.

CIF 2018-2019 PEPs

The list of PEP 06 August 2018  (PDF) updated 6.8.2018

CIF Nepal PEP flyer 2018 (PDF) - deadline September 15th. 2018

CIF Austria PEP 2019 (PDF), CIF Finland PEP flyer 2019 (PEP), PEP 2019 CIF Germany (PDF), CIF Hellas PEP Flyer 2019 (PDF), CIF India PEP 2019 (PDF), CIF Israel program 2019 (PDF), Flyer CIF Sweden PEP 2019  (PDF), CIF Taiwan PEP 2019 (PDF)

PEPS already finished or participants selected:

CIF Argentina_PEP_2018 (PDF), France PEP 2018 info branches (PDF) and DOSSIERdeCANDIDATURE (DOC), CIF Italia PEP flyer 2018 (PDF), CIF Estonia PEP 2018 2 (PDF), CIF Israel program 2018 (PDF), Morocco 2018 (PDF), CIF the Netherlands flyer 2018 (PDF), CIF New Zealand PEP flyer 2018 (PDF), CIF Russia flyer 2018 (PDF), 2018 CIF Scotland PEP flyer (PDF), CIF Spain 2018 Flyer (PDF), Switzerland Flyer_2018_e  (PDF), CIF Turkey PEP 2018 Feb 1st (PDF)

PEP (video) - Host Family Living (video) -  Experiences and expectations (video)

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Obituary Liny Hillenaar CIF Netherlands