CIF 2021 IPEPs

Here (PDF) is the list of PEPs 2021 (updated Feb 5). You can contact the National Branch you are interest in about their plans to organize their next IPEP.

CIF_Austria_VIPEP_2021 (PDF), CIF Finland Virtual IPEP flyer 2021 (PDF), CIF Israel IPEP October 2021 (PDF), cif nl flyer 2021-final (PDF), Invitation to participate in CIF Sweden´s virtual IPEP 2021 (PDF) with new deadline until eb 28th.

The updated Application 2018 form can be loaded from the programs page

new CIF WN summer 2020

You can upload / print a hard copy of the latest new WN PDF version above (38 pages). No hard copies will be sent to members any more based on Board of Directories (BD) decision in the last conference in St. Malo to shift and modernize CIF communication budget resources from expensive printing to enhancing the website.


CIF 60 years

With regrets CIF Netherlands is informing that the planned SYMPOSIUM 60 YEARS BUILDING BRIDGES TOWARDS PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING had to be cancelled due to COVID-19: Letter BD members cancelation symposium

CIF 2020 IPEPs

The list of IPEPs 2020 with flyers 21 July 2020 (PDF) 

IPEPs 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19; IPEPs 2019 finished:

 CIF Argentina IPEP 2020 spanish (PDF), CIF France IPEP20 flyer (PDF), iPEP2020 en Français (PDF), CIF German IPEP 2020 flyer (PDF), CIF Hellas IPEP Flyer 2020 (PDF),  CIF_India_IPEP_2020_Flyer (PDF), IPEP in Japan 2020 Flyer (PDF), CIF Morocco IPEP 2020 new deadline (PDF), CIF Nepal IPEP 2020 (PDF), CIF Russia IPEP русский 2020 (PDF) - CIF Russia IPEP 2020 (PDF), 2020 CIF Scotland IPEP flyer (PDF), CIF Spain Flyer 2020 (PDF), CIF Switzerland Flyer 2020 (PDF), CIF Taiwan IPEP 2020 (PDF)

CIF Estonia PEP 2019 (PDF), PEP NL 2019 flyer (PDF), CIF Norway IPEP 2019 (PDF), IPEP Turkey 2020 (PDF)


PEP (video) - Host Family Living (video) -  Experiences and expectations (video)

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